"Provide clean and presentable facilities that leave a positive lasting impression."


"To meet a variety of daily custodial needs of the campus in a timely manner. Our employees provide an array of functions that are vital to the daily campus operations; including cleaning, event set-ups, recycling, furniture moves and property retrieval. Employees provide our most important resource and with their contribution. We will strive to meet the changing needs of the campus, enhance customer satisfaction, and endeavor to improve our service."



    "Provide efficient, cost effective custodial services."


    • Establish a high level of accountability.
    • Benchmark performance.

    "Deliver quality services that satisfy customer requirements."


    • Communicate and adjust services to meet customer priorities.
    • Develop partnerships with customers for mutual success.
    • Quickly resolve any complaint.
    • Increase customer service awareness.

    "Design and implement more effective and efficient processes."


    • Simplify and streamline processes.
    • Improve the delivery of services.
    • Integrate technology to improve services.
    • Adopt best practices to improve services.

    "Foster a learning environment where employees are encouraged to develop their skills to meet the demand of the future."


    • Provide appropriate training for our employees.
    • Formalize program for career development.
    • Prepare and encourage employees to implement new technologies.
    • Define and reinforce values that promote teamwork, learning, and high performance.
    • Involve staff in the decision-making process.

Custodial maintenance is provided to all general fund supported university facilities. Non-general fund programs may be provided service on a chargeback basis. Typical services include cleaning, sanitizing, floor care, stocking sanitary supplies, changing interior light bulbs, moving furniture, and collecting and disposing of refuse. Most custodial operations are scheduled between 3:00am - 11:30am. Custodians are instructed not to perform personal or unauthorized services for building occupants. Please contact the Chief of Custodial services with unusual or non-routine custodial maintenance requests at extension 75172.

Custodial Mission Statement

Custodial Work Schedule

Building Hours Days
AD, AH, BI, CH, CO, CS, COE, FO, HC, HP, HVAC, JB, PA, PE, PL/PLA, PS, SBS, SH, TC/TO, UH, VA 5:00am-1:30pm Monday - Friday
Service Restroom Campus-Wide
1:30pm-10:00pm Monday - Friday
Floater Campus Wide, Field Restrooms, Furniture Moves, Property Transfer, Service Restrooms Campus-Wide 5:00am-1:30pm
Tuesday - Friday

Frequency of Custodial Cleaning

Daily Cleaning in Office

  • Empty trash receptacles and plastic liners that are torn or obviously soiled on Mon, Wed and Fri.
  • Check office floors, spot clean floors and clean up spills.
  • Empty recycle containers daily.
  • Replace light bulbs as needed.

Scheduled Weekly Cleaning in Offices

  • Spot clean inside/outside of trash receptacles.
  • Spot clean inside/outside of recycle containers.
  • Dust mop or sweep non-carpeted floors completely.
  • Vacuum carpeted floors completely.
  • Remove carpet stains.
  • Damp mop non-carpeted floors completely.
  • Spot clean building and clear furniture surfaces.
  • Thoroughly dust within the building and clear furniture surfaces (window blinds, windowsills, ledges, file cabinets, book shelves, chairs and desk) both high and low areas.
  • Damp wipe and disinfect contact surfaces such as push plates, door handles, and hand rails.

Daily Classroom Cleaning

  • Empty trash receptacles and plastic liners that are torn or obviously soiled daily.
  • Empty recycle containers daily.
  • Clean dry erase boards, chalk boards, chalk trays, and eraser daily.
  • Spot vacuum carpet daily.
  • Dust mop and sweep non-carpet floors completely daily.
  • Wipe desk, chairs, and tables daily.
  • Empty out pencil sharpeners.
  • Replace light bulbs as needed.
  • Clean aisles and seating area daily.

Weekly Classroom Cleaning

  • Wet mop classroom completely.
  • Spot clean inside/outside of trash receptacles.
  • Spot clean inside/outside of recycle containers.
  • Vacuum the entire classroom completely.
  • Remove carpet stains.
  • Clean and disinfect furniture surfaces.
  • Damp wipe and disinfect contact surfaces such as push plates, door handles, and hand rails.

Cleaning within the Building

  • Hallways & Corridors: Kex mop daily and burnish weekly. Vacuum all carpeted floors daily.
  • Entrance Areas: Clean inside and outside of entrance areas to buildings and clean windows; sweep and clean cigarette urns ten feet away from building, empty trash receptacles daily.
  • Restrooms: Clean daily.
  • Elevators: Clean floor, walls, and tracks daily.
  • Conference Rooms: Clean daily.
  • Kitchen Area: Clean counters and sinks. (Custodial Services does not clean refrigerators, microwaves or coffee makers.)
  • Stairway Area: Sweep and mop steps, handrails, sills, horizontal surfaces and wall spotting on a daily basis.
  • Light Bulbs: replace burned out bulbs and tubes.
  • Dusting: high and low dusting, desk groups, horizontal surfaces, sills, ceiling vents and partitions.
  • Lobby and Public Areas: Vacuum carpet and Kex mop tile floor daily.
  • Drinking Fountain cleaned daily.
  • Entryway Cleaning: Interior and exterior glass, entry rugs and exteriors with overhangs.
  • Deep Extraction of Carpets: Carpets are vacuumed, spotted, pre-sprayed then extracted deep-set dirt.
  • Exterior Window at entries are cleaned only. There is no annual Windows cleaning program. We did it for the first times this year.

Once a Week Hallways or Corridors

  • High Speed buffing, burnishing of hard floors, Bonnet and extraction of carpet in main thoroughfares.

Restroom Care Daily

  • Flush toilets and urinals. Check for stoppage.
  • Remove trash, empty napkin receptacles and replace paper bags.
  • Replenish supplies (soap, paper towels, toilet paper and toilet seat covers).
  • Dust (with a damp cloth or sponge) tops of mirrors frames, top edge of tiles, top of toilet stall partitions, all containers, lights, vents and shelves.
  • Dust mop floor.
  • Spot clean doors, walls, partitions, and waste receptacles.
  • Clean sink basins, rise and polish chrome, clean mirrors.
  • Clean toilets and urinals including underneath, sides, edges and urinals throat with a quaternary disinfectant solution. Use bowl cleaner only on the inside of toilet and urinals.
  • Clean tile around and behind bowls, toilets and urinals.
  • Check lights and changed burned out lights as needed.
  • Wet mop floor, remove all scuff marks, and clean in corners.
  • At least three (3) times a week, pour a least one (1) gallon of clean water, and not mop water, down the floor drain to prevent sewer gas odor.

Custodial Values

  • Building Security:

    All building doors and windows are locked nightly. Custodians keep a watchful eye on campus buildings and quickly report any suspicious activity to campus police; this helps reduce incidents of vandalism, vagrancy and building theft. However, custodians are not to give access to the campus community. If access is needed to any area, please call Public Safety, ext. 75165.

  • Building Maintenance:

    Custodian's ensure that their buildings receive immediate attention from Facilities Services staff when situations such as broken water pipes, power outages, stuck elevators, backed up drains or broken light occur. Please call Facilities Services, ext 75175, with any repair needs.

  • Student and Guest Assistance:

    Custodians offer directions to lost patrons, new students and campus visitors.

  • Faculty and Staff Assistance:

    Through work orders custodians facilitate requests for special cleaning, floor work and carpet cleaning, setting up for functions and special events.

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